Worldwide Audience captivated by Jo’s Love Letter To Dartmoor – a Western Morning News Article about my Dartmoor 365 photo project is out today.

My Love Letter To Dartmoor 365 Project is mentioned in the Western Morning News today……

Western_Morning_News_Scan_thumb“A Westcountry photographer has clicked with a worldwide audience of fans, thanks to her daily treks to showcase the hidden delights of Dartmoor.

Jo Bradford has been battling the elements and rugged landscape of her adopted home to go onto the moor every day this year to take a different photo of the wilderness.

Her efforts paid off after her project, appropriately titled A Love Letter To Dartmoor, was featured in a blog post on social media site Instagram, which has 350 million users around the globe.

In just 23 hours it garnered 830,000 ‘likes’ by users, who were captivated by her stunning images.

Even more amazing is that Jo, who lives on the North Moor, took her pictures using only a mobile phone – and she has been accompanied on each of her daily hikes by her two small children, now aged 10 months and two-and-a-half.

She said: “I am a professional photographer, but in the last couple of years I have had a daughter and son. To keep my hand in, I have been going onto the moor every day as part of a project to take 365 different images of the moor, one on each day of the year.

“It is a different view every time. A lot of people going onto the moor only see it as bleak and unwelcoming, but I wanted to show how wonderful it is – it is full of forest, beautiful ponds and rare insects.

“My love letter to Dartmoor is just that. I go every day – but now the pressure is really on. I started off sharing my images with a few friends. NowWestern_Morning_News_Scan_thumb through Instagram I have 9,000 followers.”

Each day, whatever the weather, Jo goes onto the moor pushing daughter Grace in an off-road buggy, and carrying toddler son Kade in a backpack. She moved to the moor four years ago from St Agnes in Cornwall, and said: “When you are new to a place, a project like this was a good way to go and explore. I’ve just gone off with a map and found a thousands secret spots – it’s been amazing.”

It helps that Jo’s husband Paul is an international mountain leader, and she said: “I’ve had lots of training from him, so I am confident about going onto the moor with the children. They love it and are full of the joys of being outside.”

Jo’s images have earned her an army of online followers, and she said: “People from places like Australia and Alaska have now added Dartmoor to their bucket list.

“The Dartmoor National Park Authority have been thrilled with the response, and love the idea that I am taking the pictures just on a mobile phone – it shows that you don’t need special kit. They are going to display the whole project at their new visitor centre in Princetown next summer.

To see more of Jo’s project visit”

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