10 reasons to visit Devon in 2016 by Suzy Bennett, the Telegraph’s Devon expert.

You will find me at number 6….


 When Jo Bradford set herself the task of photographing Dartmoor every day in 2015 on walks with her two small children and two dogs, using just her mobile phone, she had little idea her project would be become a social media sensation. A Love Letter To Dartmoor in 365 Photographs has gathered over 50,0000 followers on Instagram and is due to be exhibited at the Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centre in Princetown from 27th May to 17th August 2016.

The 10 best things to do in Devon in 2016.

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  1. Hi jo Bradford
    I love your blogger page and I follow you on instagram too. I visited Dartmoor last year and it was fantastic. Such a nice nature! Thats why I stand up for our nature especially environment.
    Because of that i am a blogger too and i want to help our planet. Safeourplanetearth is my page
    Carry on the good work.
    I am a fan of your photos… love them
    A dream would come true if you follow me on instagram too safeourplanetearth
    Lots of greetings and i look forward to
    hearing from you

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