I offer a range of creative and technical photography courses and workshops from my digital studio and colour darkroom, which is in a stunning scenic location with 360° panoramic views across Dartmoor and Devonshire in the UK.

Sharing the wealth of knowledge of I have accumulated through many years of working experience and a Masters Degree in Photography gives me great pleasure.  It’s great to help people improve their skills with any camera, even just a mobile phone.

Mentoring is something I do enthusiastically, photographers of all abilities come to me to learn the basics, improve on what they know or take a masterclass.  If you want to learn to edit your mobile phone photos into stunners, I will show you the best apps, and share my tricks and secrets for getting the most out of them.

Interested in exploring the roots and history of photography? I offer a variety of workshops in historical methods and processes.  Try your hand at making your own light sensitive cyanotype emulsion and creating sun prints like the earliest photographers did.

If you want to explore photograms, chemigrams or cliche verre printmaking there is a workshop here for you.  Ever thought of making and taking photos with a pinhole camera that will be yours to keep, I will show you how.

I can help you in all sorts of ways, even showing you how to make your own contact negatives to print from, the possibilities are endless at Green Island Studios.

If you fancy doing a landscape photography workshop on Dartmoor, contact me to arrange this.  You can decide if we hike out into the wilderness for photos of breathtaking vistas (accompanied by a qualified international mountain leader), or just stroll somewhere easy for some photos and a picnic.  Whatever you choose, you can guarantee your micro adventure with me will result in some great photographs and happy memories.

I offer tuition in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, to all abilities, so you can learn the art of retouching for portraits or the best ways to process your landscapes to achieve your finest work.

I offer gift vouchers for my courses if you want to buy a session for someone special. Contact me to arrange this.