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Looking to improve on your smart phone photography and editing?

I have developed a lovely workshop for this that involves a walk on the moor (or in the city or a local beach) which offers plenty of opportunity to work on your photography while getting one-on-one advice about composition, framing and the theory of what makes a good photograph, using your focal range and exploring the focal plane, finding the correct exposure, using exposure bracketing to full effect, and covering other gadgets, apps and tools to help improve your smart phone photography.

We will also look at a range of editing skills, tools, filters and apps to deliver the photograph you captured with your camera that looks like the scene in your minds eye.  The whole course is designed to give you the skills, tools and know-how you will need to get out there and start releasing your own style and creativity as you practice your new skills.

I run group and one-on-one courses.

The cost of a place on a group smart phone workshop is £75 per person, with a minimum group size of 4 and a maximum group size of 8.

Please enquire here about one-on-one mobile phone photography workshops.

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